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PRD Galaxy Trade In Program!

Huggler Racing Engines is the exclusive US distributor of the PRD Galaxy TAG Engine.

31hp with an adjustable power-valve, we're offering a full package for $2595.00.

Huggler Racing Engines also has a trade-in program for PRD Fireball owners for your existing engine for up to $995.00.

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PRD Fireball

Low cost and competitive power. This engine is quickly becoming one of the most popular in TAG karting.

-Reed Valve
-Iame Style Centrifugal Clutch
-Water Cooled
-Tillotsen 24mm Carb
-Electric Start


Click below to download these documents.

PRD Installation Guide

PRD Engine Rebuild Specs

PRD Engine Manual

PRD Fireball Wiring Diagram

PRD Controlled TAG Rules

Oppama Ignition Coil Diagram

HL Series Carb Diagram

Easy Start Ignition

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